Things Seen, Things Made

Jo : queer politics - stories - beautiful things

This is my very first handspun yarn. I’m not a huge fan of bulky yarns, but that’s what I got when I plied my first batch of yarn together. I figured that as long as I had some poorly made ‘art yarn’ I might as well try something new with the dye, so I experimented a little bit. I wound my yarn in a tight ball and pinned it in place, then tossed it in some not-quite boiling vinegar water and coloring for about 30 minutes. It was a little frustrating not really being able to see how far into the ball the color had been absorbed, but it turned out pretty well! 

As for making the hat, I just cast on 6 stitches, increased every other row until I had 60 stitches, and knit until I only had enough yarn left for a few more rows. Then I went down a needle size and finished off with several rows of K1P1 ribbing.